Statutes and Rules

The Law and Guidance Manual (Manual) is maintained on the Department of Banking’s website. The first paragraph, prior to entering the Manual, will inform you of when the Manual was last updated. Changes made since the last update of the Manual are included in the tables titled, “New Actions Sorted by Effective Date and New Actions Sorted by Type.” Before clicking on the button to “Enter Law & Guidance Manual,” review the new actions tables for items that may be of interest to you but that have not yet been incorporated into the web based Manual.

Prepaid funeral contract statutes and rules are codified under Chapter 154 of the Texas Finance Code and Title 7, Chapter 25 of the Texas Administrative Code, respectively. Statutes are passed by the Texas State Legislature when in session and rules are written by the Department to help clarify and enforce the statutes where needed. Rules are presented to the Texas Finance Commission, the Department’s oversight body, for their review and approval. The web based Manual includes search and finding aids at the top and/or left margin of the screen to help you locate statutes, rules or other guidance included in the Manual.